Waste activities

We ensure compliance with applicable waste management legislation and waste management programmes. The purpose of waste management is based on:

It favours the recovery of waste over its disposal. Recycling is conditional on effective waste sorting and separation of components.

Waste management during construction and operation will be managed in accordance with the strategy and concept of waste management of the Slovak Republic and in accordance with the applicable legislation for waste management.

Contracts performed

Podbiel BridgeMO 59-090 Podbiel removal of bridge in disrepair in the amount of 1.7 million Euros
Kremnické Bane Removal of a road in disrepair in Kremnické bane in the amount of EUR 17.7 million.
Waste disposal with foreign suppliers and customers.

More on waste activities

The basic principles of on-site waste management are:

In this case, waste can be prevented by good organisation of work, careful separation of waste from the excavated natural material and prevention of emergency situations, especially during construction.

It is anticipated that waste will be generated in connection with the construction:

The wastes generated by the construction are classified according to the Decree of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic No. 284/2001, which establishes the categorization of wastes and issues a waste catalogue.

Material recovery is an option for waste concrete, reinforced concrete and asphalt from demolition of buildings, paved areas and roads.